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"Nothing is impossible where there is true love."

Maurice Berger

The Odyssey

The Cortez Method

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August 29 - September 22, 2013  


Mandell Studio Theater | By Rob Keefe
Directed by Mark Routhier

"There is still one thing that has to be dealt with."

What happens when you make a bad decision for all the right reasons? Sara and Bill will do whatever it takes to prepare for their new arrival, but an unexpected visit from Bill's older brother unravels their plans and makes it clear their shiny future has been built on the troubled foundation of their past. Fertility, home improvement, and family collide in this darkly comic roller coaster ride.

Audience Comments

"Rob Keefe's new play… shows us an America gone off the rails. Yelling, cussing, bloodstains, violence — despite a series of darkly funny moments, this is a play full of bubbling anger." - Orlando Sentinel

“It’s exciting to see something as fresh as “The Cortez Method.” This new play is part of the Harriett’s New Play Series. It has all the hallmarks of going beyond these latitudes, so you might want to see it now while it’s only an easy drive away.” - Brevard Culture

"The set, Bill and Sara's half-renovated kitchen designed by Robert Watts, is a spot-on recreation of a house in the middle of an episode of "Property Brothers," complete with sample backsplash tiles and test paint on the walls.” - Broadway World Orlando

“Mark Routhier and playwright Rob Keefe are exploring treacherous territory with the world premiere of this pitch-black comedy. They’re trying to lure theatergoers with an unknown script from a not-yet-famous author – and from what I’ve observed, their plan (like Cortez’s) might just be crazy enough to work.” - Orlando Weekly

"Saw the matinee today, wow, thoroughly enjoyed it. Great performances and what a chilling story.” - Sandy S.

“This is an AMAZING show and should not be missed!” " - Lynne H.

"First play I saw at the Shakes. It was awesome!” - Joel I.

“Terrific performance all around.” - Audience Comment

“Great theater, if you think you don't like Shakespeare, give this a try. You may have a surprise in store - and it ain't all Shakespeare!” - Audience Comment

“Wow, it was really great. Acting was outstanding, tough roles played very well.” - Audience Comment

Parental Guidelines

The Cortez Method is an adult story of family dysfunction, infidelity, and controlled substances. The play is best suited for adult audiences.

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TICKETS Miss Nelson Has A Field Day
August 29 & 30

7:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 31
7:30 p.m. $25
THURS - SAT EVE 7:30 p.m. $25
SUN MATINEE 2 p.m. $25
September 4
2 p.m. $17
September 12
7:30 p.m. $25

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