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“Thanks for a great beginning to what I think will be a wonderful season. You guys deliver!”

– Orlando Shakes Patron

Plays and Events

Youth & Teen Classes

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Please visit our Creative Arts Camps page for Summer 2014.

Orlando Shakes' Youth Classes focus on skill sets that benefit students in everyday life as well as on stage. Our classes celebrate the process of learning, experimenting, taking risks, and challenging expectations.

After each class, students are given a homework sheet detailing what was learned that day and assignments for the following week, allowing you to track your child's progress and reinforce skills taught in class.

All sessions culminate in a presentation for friends and family on the last day. See what your children have learned! Join us for continental breakfast at 9:00 a.m. while the students have a final rehearsal. Presentations begin at 10:00 a.m.

Call the Education Department at 407-447-1700 ext. 254 for more information.

Fall 2014

Dates: Saturdays, Sept. 13 – Oct. 18 (6 weeks)
Time: 9 - 10:45 a.m.
Fee: $160

Dress Up! Act Up!
Age 4 - Grade 1
Where would Cinderella have been without her glass slipper? Or Spiderman without his mask? Use costumes and creative movement to tell your own story. Students will explore the “Actor’s Toolbox” of voice, body, and imagination while learning the basics of story structure.

The Puzzle Posse
Grades 2 - 4
When faced with problems that are insurmountable, call the Puzzle Posse! Put on your thinking caps to solve story problems in a flash and perform amazing acts. Students will learn narrative structure and non-verbal communication, along with storytelling, active listening, and ensemble skills.

Shakespeare’s Clowns
Grades 5 - 7
Join the likes of Falstaff, Dromio, and Bottom as you develop your inner clown. Students will learn basic juggling skills with scarves and bean bags, rehearse physical comedy, and dive into comedic scenes from Shakespeare.

Shakespeare In Rehearsal
Grades 8 - 12
Learn how to excel in rehearsal, working on group Shakespearean scenes with a director. This class will focus on rehearsal etiquette, taking direction, and creating bold character choices. Recommended for alumni of The Young Company and Bards & Players.

Winter 2015

Dates: Saturdays, Jan. 10 – Feb. 14 (6 weeks)
Time: 9 - 10:45 a.m.
Fee: $160

Fractured Fairy Tales
Age 4 - Grade 1
Make fractured fairy tales leap off the page and onto the stage! Dive into the classics and let your favorite princesses, kings, and goblins lead you to fairy lands you’ve only read about---until now! Students will explore the “Actor’s Toolbox” of voice, body, and imagination while working on eye contact, projection, listening, and focusing. (Wait list only. Call the Box Office for more information at 407-447-1700 ext. 221)

Beginning Acting
Grades 2 - 4
Ever wish you could be someone else? See what it’s like when you perform these short, silly skits with your friends. Kids learn to follow stage directions and are introduced to basic acting skills of memorization, voice projection, and using your imagination to create a character. (Wait list only. Call the Box Office for more information at 407-447-1700 ext. 221)

Shakespeare Acting
Grades 5 - 7
“Speak the speech I pray you…!” Get your Shakespeare on while becoming a famous knight, damsel in distress, or magical spirit. Students will be assigned short Shakespearean speeches, and learn how to paraphrase as a tool for memorization and acting. [register now!]

Teen Improv
Grades 8 - 12
Have your parents ever asked you where you’ve been? Couldn’t think of an excuse? Did you think of just the right thing to say twenty minutes later? Learn to think on your feet with improvisation! Students will learn basic improv skills such as “Yes, and,” status exploration, building the story, and “raising the stakes.” [register now!]

Spring 2015

Date: Saturdays, March 14 – April 18 (6 weeks)
Times: 9 - 10:45 a.m.
Fee: $160

Dance Your Art Out!
Age 4 - Grade 1
Dance to your favorite songs and let your moves tell the story! In this class, students will create their own simple choreography, emphasizing expression, focus, and teamwork. [register now!]

Superheroes and Superheroines
Grades 2 - 4
Stage and perform epic battles as you save the world from evil! Students perform action scenes from cartoons and films, while learning to follow stage directions and to use their voice and body to tell the story. [register now!]

Musical Theater Acting
Grades 5 - 7
Picture yourself in a Broadway musical? Take center stage as you rehearse scenes from your favorite shows like Hairspray, Les Miserables, and Wicked. Students will perform scenes from musicals, and focus on the skills of taking direction, pacing, and focus. [register now!]

The Business of Acting
Grades 8 - 12
If you want to be prepared for the next audition, this class is for you! Students will learn how to structure and layout a performance resume, what makes a good audition monologue, when to choose an agent, and how to present yourself at an audition and shine at a cold reading. [register now!]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a typical class size?
A: Our classes typically range from 5-15 students depending on the time of the year.

Q: How many instructors per class?
A: We provide two professional acting instructors per class.

Q: Tell me more about "theater games."
A: A theater game is an exercise, either physical or mental, designed to teach a skill that can be used on stage (and in real life, too!). There are countless different games that teach such skills as mental focus, ensemble, healthy vocal production, physical awareness, and emotional connection to your text (text is the Shakespeare word for your lines). Students learn advanced concepts and overcome personal hurdles while laughing and creating.

Q: Is there a final show?
A: All classes have a final "open class" or workshop presentation. It is a celebration of the growth each student has made in their acting journey. We do not use costumes. Instead, we focus on the student and what they can communicate with their voices, bodies and emotions. On the second to the last day of class we will send your child home with a letter detailing the time of the presentation.

Q: What type of clothing is recommended?
A: Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and sturdy athletic shoes.

Q: Can kids really do Shakespeare?
A: YES! Kids already understand Shakespeare on an emotional level because they are less closed off (or in control) of their emotions than adults. Teachers choose the material based upon the skills and interests of their particular class.

Q: May I watch the class?
A: We do not permit parents to watch acting classes. We have discovered that when parents are in the room the younger students who are labeled "shy" always cling to their parent. Most of the time, these same students thrive when there is not a parent in the room. Non "shy" students tend to try and perform for their parent's approval instead of focusing on the instructor. This limits their ability to fully participate.

Q: Can my child be moved up a grade level?
A: Many parents, who know and love the sheer joy and brilliance of their children, would like for their child to be moved into a class with older students. While we respect this view, we simply do not move children up a grade level. We put a great deal of energy and thought in the composition and curriculums of our classes and believe that we provide a quality experience for all children.

Q: What is the refund policy for classes?
A: No refunds will be given after seven days prior to the class start date.

Auditing: Students may audit a class for a $10 fee, which will be deducted from the class fee upon joining.


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