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"…this is what great theater is all about…the crown jewel of Orlando’s theater scene.”

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2016-2017 Auditions

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Orlando Shakespeare Theater 2016-2017
Equity Principal Auditions by APPOINTMENT in Orlando

Lowndes Shakespeare Center
812 East Rollins Street, Orlando, FL 32803
Produced in Partnership w/ UCF
Artistic Director: Jim Helsinger
Managing Director: PJ Albert

Weekly Salaries
AEA (Union):
LOA/ LORT: $657 (approval pending)
SPT 7: $490
SPT 9: $622
NON-AEA: $320-$418 per week

Local auditions are complete. NYC auditions will be held May 16th-20th.

There will be an AEA Principal Open Call for our season on Monday May 16 in NYC at the offices of AEA. To attend this call, please see the details in www.backstage.com.

Cross-gender and color conscious casting: Orlando Shakespeare Theater encourages cross-gender and color conscious casting. Excepting West Side Story and The Great Gatsby, where specific casting to the time period of the plays will be utilized, actors considering cross-gender and color conscious casting are STRONGLY encouraged to attend our auditions.

Tony 1
Tony 2
Maria 1
Maria 2
Maria 3 (Callback)
Anita 1
Anita 2
Baby John
Doc 1
Doc 2
Tony (Maria) Song 1
Tony (Something's Coming) Song 2 (Callback)
Maria_(I Feel Pretty)_Song_1
Maria (I Have a Love) Song 2 (Callback)
MARIA (Tonight Quartet) Song 3 (Callback)
Anita (A Boy Like That) Song 1
Anita (America) Song 2 (Callback)
Riff (Cool) Song 1
Riff (Jet Song) Song 2 (Callback)
Jets/Shark (Jet Song) Song 1
Jets/Sharks (Officer Krumpke) Song 1
Shark Girls (America) Song 2
Somewhere Soloist (Consuela)

Salaries: AEA LOA $657 (15/16 rate)

Music by Leonard Bernstein | Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim | Book by Arthur Laurents
Director: Jim Helsinger | Choreographer: Billy Sprague Jr. (Robbins) | Music Director: Steve MacKinnon
1st reh: 8/16/16. Runs 9/9-10/9 (possible extension through 10/16) Margeson Theater

Tony - Male - Late Teens–Early 20s. Polish-American. Handsome, older teen-ager, who has outgrown the Jets. Genuinely sweet and sincere. Tenor. Bb2 to Bb4. Limited Dancing.

Riff - Male - Late Teens–Early 20s. Polish-American. Glowing, driving, intelligent, leader of the Jets. Tenor. Bb2-G4. Strong dance background required.

Diesel - Male - Late Teens–Early 20s. Polish-American. Lieutenant to Riff, big, slow, steady. Baritone. G2-G4. Dance background required.

Baby John - Male - Polish-American. Late Teens-Early 20s. Youngest member of the Jets, awed at everything, even being a Jet; tries to act like a big man, but is vulnerable; Baritone. Bb2-G4. Dance background required.

A-rab - Male - Late Teens–Early 20s. Polish-American. Small of stature, enjoys everything, takes nothing seriously, but can be explosive. Baritone. G2-G4. Dance background required.

Action - Male - Late Teens–Early 20s. Polish-American. Most aggressive member of the Jets, a cat-like ball of fury. Baritone. G2-G4. Dance background required.

Anybody’s - Female - Late Teens–Early 20s. Polish-American. Scrawny teen-aged girl, pathetically dressed to imitate the Jets, and wants desperately to be taken seriously by them. Non-singing, some dance experience.

Jets Ensemble - 2 males/ 3 females. Caucasian. Singer/dancers.

Bernardo - Male - Late Teens–Early 20s. Latino. Handsome, proud, leader of the Sharks. Baritone. Bb2-Eb4. Strong dance background required.

Chino - Male - Late Teens–Early 20s. Latino. Shy, gentle, sweet-faced young boy, the intended husband of Maria. Baritone. Dance background required.

Maria - Female - Late Teens–Early 20s. Latina. Lovely young and obedient girl, excited & enthusiastic about her new life in America. Soprano. Bb3-C6 (High C). Limited Dancing.

Anita - Female - Late Teens–Early 20s. Latina. Older, wiser in the ways of the world, flashy, sharp-tongued, & with a knowing sexuality. Alto/mezzo-soprano with belt. F3-D5. Strong dance background required.

Consuela - Female - Late Teens–Early 20s. Latina. Tough, young girl with bleach blond hair & lots of baubles. Mezzo-Soprano. Dance background required.

Sharks Ensemble: 4 males/ 4 females. Latino. Singer/dancers.

Doc - Male - Mid 40s–Mid 60s. Caucasian. Drug store owner, tired, worn out. Non-singing, non-dancing. Also plays Officer Krupke.

Lieutenant Schrank - Male - Early 40s–Mid 50s. Caucasian. Plainclothes policeman used to being in charge, superficially pleasant to cover his venom, fear, and bigotry. Non-singing, non-dancing. Also plays Glad Hand.

Officer Krupke - Male - Mid 40s–Mid 50s. Caucasian. A not-too-bright street cop; aggressive; hard-nosed. Non-singing, non-dancing. Also plays Doc.

Glad Hand - Male - Early 40s–Mid 50s. Caucasian. Nerdy, overly cheerful and ill-equipped social director at the local gym dance. Non-singing, non-dancing. Also plays Lieutenant Schrank.  

Jekyll 1
Jekyll 2 (Callback Only)
Elizabeth 1
Elizabeth 2
Actor 2-Utterson
Actor 2-Hyde 1 (Callback Only)
Actor 3-Carew
Actor 3-Hyde 2 (Callback Only)
Actor 3-Inspector (Callback Only)
Actor 4-Hyde 3
Actor 4-Lanyon (Callback Only)
Actor 5-Poole
Actor 5-Hyde 4 (Callback Only)

Salaries: AEA SPT7 $490

By Jeffrey Hatcher
Director TBD
1st reh: 9/20/15. Runs 10/14-11/13. Goldman Theater

Dr. Henry Jekyll - Male - 30s-40s. A brilliant, educated man, Jekyll is a highly ethical man and seeks to control humanity’s darker urges.

Gabriel Utterson/Hyde 1 - Male - 40s-60s. Utterson is a general solicitor and Jekyll’s friend, a keen observer who is troubled by the appearance of Mr.Hyde. Doubles as Hyde.

Richard Enfield/ Sir Danvers Carew/ O.F. Sanderson/Inspector/Hyde 2 - Male - 30s-50s. Carew is the chief surgeon of the College of London hospital; a corrupt, sadistic man who is Jekyll’s professional foe. Sanderson is Personal Enquiries Agent; Enfield is a friend of Jekyll and Utterson. Doubles as Hyde.

Dr. H. K. Lanyon/Police Doctor/Surgical Student/Hyde 3 - Male - 30s-40s. Dr. Lanyon is Jekyll’s friend and a practicing physician, a Scotsman with an exuberant laugh. Doubles for the majority of the play as Hyde, a monstrous man in appearance and manner.

Poole/Surgical Student/Police Doctor/Prostitute/Little Girl/Maid/Hyde 4 - Female - 30s-50s. Poole is Jekyll’s attentive butler. The Prostitute, Little Girl, and Maid all have varying encounters with Hyde. Also doubles as Mr. Hyde. Elizabeth Jelkes- Female - 30s.

Elizabeth Jelkes - Female - 30s. Elizabeth is the object of Hyde’s lusts, a bold and tender woman.

Salaries: AEA LOA $657 (15/16 rate)

By Michael Carleton, Jim Fitzgerald, John Alvarez
Original Music by Will Knapp
Director: Jim Helsinger
1st reh: 11/7/16. Runs: 12/2-12/30/16 (possible extension through 1/1/17). Margeson Theater

Actor #1 - The traditionalist. Wants to play Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol". Other roles include the Grinch, Parade Host, Hermy and George Bailey. This role is cast.

Actor #2 - The wise guy. Plays Head Elf and Yukon Cornelius, game show host, Parade Host, Bob Cratchit, and the Ghost of Christmas Past. This role is cast.

Actor #3 - The childish one. Plays Rudolph, Frosty, Clarence, Mary Bailey, Uncle Billy, and Mr. Potter. This role is cast.

Gray-Mole Callback
White-Egret Callback
Vivienne 1
Vivienne 2 (Callback Only)

AEA SPT 7 $490

By Steven Yockey Director
1st reh: 12/13/16. Runs 1/6-2/5/17. Goldman Theater

Vivienne Avery - Female - 40s. An exercise in poise that may be a bit frayed at the edges, but she’s fighting to keep everything “just so.” Her sarcasm is cut with a slight Southern accent. Years of success, meticulous planning, and an eye for detail have in no way prepared her for this.

White Egret - Female - 20s-30s. A bird, a woman. She’s sharp, change averse, and a problem solver. Wears white helium balloons tied to her wrist and ballet shoes throughout the show.

Gray Mole - Male - 20s-30s. A mole, a man. He is blind, feeling his way, and would rather dig than anything, including interact with others. Wears a blindfold and has his hands tied throughout the play.

Salaries: AEA LOA $657
(performed on alternating nights, actors will be in both shows)

Daisy 1
Daisy (Callback Only 1)
Daisy (Callback Only 2)
Gatsby 1
Gatsby (Callback Only1)
Gatsy (Callback Only2)
Jordan (Callback Only)
Mrs McKee
Mrs Michaelis 1
Mrs Michaelis 2 (Callback Only)
Myrtle 1
Myrtle (Callback Only)
Nick 1
Nick (Callback Only)
Tom 1
Tom (Callback Only)

Wilson 1

Wilson (Callback Only)

Novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Adapted by Simon Levy
Director: Anne Hering
1st reh: 1/3/17. Runs 2/10-3/26/17. Margeson Theater

Jay Gatsby - Male - 20s-30s. A romantic idealist, disarming smile, charming. Gatsby is tormented by his mistakes and his past. A mysterious man who throws extravagant parties in his beautiful New York mansion.

Daisy Buchanan - Female - 20s-30s. Nick's second cousin, once removed, and the wife of Tom Buchanan, attractive, effervescent, and somewhat self-absorbed, very much the Southern belle.

Nick Carraway - Male - 20s-30s. A Yale grad from St Paul, Minnesota, now a bond salesman in New York, seems easy-going and optimistic, though he becomes disillusioned by the lives of the rich and famous.

Tom Buchanan - Male - 30s-40s. Daisy’s husband, a millionaire who lives on East Egg, arrogant, ‘hulking’ man; a former football star at Yale who now plays polo.

Jordan Baker - Female - 20s-30s. A close friend of Daisy Buchanan with a firm athletic body, and an aloof attitude, an amateur golfer with a slightly shady reputation, ultimately, she becomes Nick Carraway's girlfriend.

Myrtle Wilson - Female - 30s. The wife of George Wilson, a mechanic and garage owner, also Tom Buchanan's mistress; a New York girl, overtly sexual/sensual in a way that would probably appall Daisy.

George Wilson - Male - 30s. Myrtle’s husband in NYC. A spiritless, Blue Collar worker who is not physically well.

Meyer Wolfsheim - Male - 40s-70s. Aging Broadway actor and friend to Gatsby with a big personality. A gambler.

Mr. Chester McKee/Cop - Male - 30s. Mr. McKee is a snobby and effeminate man, a friend of Myrtle. Cop is a beat cop Mrs.

McKee/Mrs. Michaelis - Female - 30s-40s. Mrs. McKee is a silly and vapid woman, a friend of Myrtle. Mrs. Michaelis is George and Myrtle’s concerned neighbor.











Berowne 1
BEROWNE 2 (Callback Only)
Costard 2
Princess 1
Princess 2
Sir Nathaniel


by William Shakespeare.
Director: TBD
1st reh: 1/3/17. Runs 2/24-3/26. Margeson Theater

Ferdinand, the King of Navarre - Male - 20s-30s. Handsome comic leading actor. Great verse speaker.

Berowne - Male - 20s-30s. Handsome clownish leading actor. Great verse speaker.

Longaville - Male - 20s-30s. A young handsome lord.

Dumaine - Male - 20s-30s. A young handsome lord.

Boyet - Male or Female - 30s-40s. A lord attending the princess of France, Boyet acts as an advisor and a messenger between the princess and her ladies and the king and his friends.

Don Adriano de Armado - Male - 30s-50s. “A fantastical Spaniard”, Don Armado is a parody of a courtly lover as he vies with the “clown” Costard for the favors of the country wench, Jaquenetta.

Sir Nathaniel - Male or female - 40s-70s. An elderly curate, Sir Nathaniel is the standard foolish old man of farce, but his and Holofernes's mutual affection warmly contrasts with the courtiers' emotionless point-scoring.

Holofernes - Male or female - 30s-40s. A pedantic schoolmaster, Holofernes and Nathaniel provide a comic reflection of the sophisticated language of the other characters in the play.

Costard - Male - 20s-30s. A clown, Costard is Don Armado's rival for the country wench, Jaquenetta.

The Princess of France - Female - 20s-30s. Sent by her father the king, the princess is high-spirited and witty, a perfect match for King Ferdinand.

Rosaline - Female - 20s-30s. A lady attending the princess, Rosaline is nearest in seniority to the princess. As the object of Berowne's affection, she plays a major role in teaching the four men the realities of mature love.

ACTOR 1: Antony 1
ACTOR 1: Antony 2 (Callback Only)
ACTOR 2: Cleopatra 1
ACTOR 2: Cleopatra 2 (Callback Only)
ACTOR 3: Enobarus
ACTOR 4: Charmian
ACTOR 5: Iras
ACTOR 5: Octavia
ACTOR 6: Octavius 1
ACTOR 6: Octavius 2 (Callback Only)
ACTOR 7: Agrippa
ACTOR 8: Eros 1
ACTOR 8: Eros 2 (Callback Only)
ACTOR 9: Mardian
ACTOR 10: Lepidus
ACTOR 10: Soothsayer 1
ACTOR 10: Soothsayer 2 (Callback Only)
ACTOR 11: Menas
ACTOR 11: Scarus 1
ACTOR 11: Scarus 2 (Callback Only)

Salaries: AEA SPT 9 $622

By William Shakespeare
This cast will be a mix of different ethnicities. Ethnic minority actors are STRONGLY encouraged to attend.
Director TBD
1st reh: 3/7/17. Runs 3/29-4/30

Marc Antony - Male - 40s-mid 50s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. One of three rulers of the Roman Empire. Fierce and feared soldier. A clever strategist. Torn between his love for Cleopatra and his sense of duty.

Cleopatra - Female - 30s-early 40s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Queen of Egypt. Fiery, passionate, and brilliant with words.

Enobarbus - Male - 40s-50s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Antony’s most loyal supporter. A warrior and pragmatist. Worldly and cynical. Loyal to a fault. Skeptical of the relationship between Antony and Cleopatra.

Charmian - Female - Early 30s-40s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Cleopatra’s closest confidant. Skillfully navigates her mistress’ rapidly changing moods.

Octavia/Iras - Female - Mid 20s – 30s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Octavia: The beautiful sister of Caesar who marries Marc Antony. She is the quintessential political wife. Iras: One of Cleopatra’s faithful waiting women.

Octavius Caesar - Male - Early 20s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Second of three rulers of the Roman Empire. The adopted son of Julius Caesar. Icy, ambitious, and brilliant. A political animal.

Agrippa/Soldier - Male - 20s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Agrippa: A vital friend to the young Caesar. He is clever and confident. May also double as a soldier in the Roman Army.

Eros/Soldier - Male - 30s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Eros: A loyal attendant serving Antony. Doubles as a soldier in the Roman Army.

Mardian/Clown - Male - 20s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Mardian: The musical eunuch who lifts Cleopatra’s spirits. Clown: Delivers the poisonous snakes to Cleopatra. Must be a confident singer who can play an instrument.

Lepidius/Soothsayer/Proculeius/Soldier- Male - 30s-50s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Lepidius: The weakest member of the rulers of Rome. Small and somewhat timid. Soothsayer: Fortune-teller. Proculeius: One of Caesar’s soldiers.

Menas/Scarus/Diomedes/Seleucus - Male - Mid-late 20s. African-American, other Ethnicity or Caucasian. Menas: Ambitious soldier of Pompey. Scarus: Brave soldier serving Antony. Diomedes: Cleopatra’s servant. Seleucus: Cleopatra’s treasurer.

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